Maintaining Building Security

Due to the extra rain and moisture that we have had of late, we are finding that the 2 main entrance doors are not self-locking. The moisture has swelled the wood and prevents the doors from latching fully, even when the self-closure mechanisms and the wood edges have been readjusted.

For the safety of those in the building, we ask that you please make sure to push the door in until you hear it click every time that you use the door. The doors will close completely, so they deceive one into thinking that it has fully locked. It is only until one manually presses in a little that the locking mechanism engages.

In addition, we continue to find the gate facing E. 32nd St., and that leads to the playground, unlocked at different times of the day. This gate should always stay locked from the outside to prevent unauthorized persons access to the playground and the building through that door. This gate is there strictly for the purpose of evacuations should an emergency ever arise during business hours. It is especially crucial that you not use this gate at all for exiting from the building since this is the door that does not have electronic or human surveillance throughout the day or when teachers are indoors with the students.

Because this is an emergency exit, the instant that one turns the door latch to open it from the inside, the locking system disengages from the outside, and will remain unlocked even after you have closed the door in. If it is accidentally left unlocked, any intruder could gain entrance to the school without anyone noticing. This will jeopardize everyone in the building.

Please help us to keep our children safe by not using this gate for exiting the building or playground.

Information About Dual Language Schools

With the assistance of AISD personnel, we are projecting a meeting at Escuelita for those of you interested in enrolling your child in a dual language school for the Kindergarten or Pre-Kindergarten programs. We aim to inform you about the dual language curriculum and the application process. The meeting will take place sometime in mid-January, and we will inform you of it as soon as a date and time is agreed upon with the pertinent AISD staff. If interested, please plan on attending this meeting at Escuelita.

Cooler Weather

Now that your child is wearing a jacket, hat or gloves every day, please help us keep track of your child’s belongings by labeling these items before they are brought to school. When any item is found anywhere throughout the building or playground, we can easily return the item to its rightful owner if we know who it belongs to. Every classroom keeps permanent marker pens handy. You can always borrow one for the labeling.

In Case of Inclement Weather

In the last several weeks, we have had some unusually cold weather which has caused for delayed work and an AISD school start. If in the next month or two we happen to have icy weather conditions again, please follow whatever closures or opening delays the Austin Independent School District advises.

Child care centers are allowed to follow the same weather advisories that the school district follows. If they start classes with a few hours of delay or close for classes due to icy conditions, then Escuelita will too. Should something similar to this occur in the near future, the director will also make an effort to send you an email confirming the delay in opening or the closing via the Room Parent. The best procedure to follow will still be to watch the newscasts on TV and look at what the school district does. Escuelita will do just as they do.

Escuelita Closed on MLK Day

We wish to remind you that Escuelita will be closed on January 20, in observance of Martin Luther King Day.

We will reopen for classes on January 21st with a regular schedule.

Parent—Teacher Conferences

We wish to take the time to meet with the parents of each classroom for a group

meeting during which we can conference about the instructional goals that are

set for each class. Due to the high number of students who are enrolled at

Escuelita, we are unable to set individual conferences with each one of you. With

the group parent-teacher conferences we can at least come together all at one

time to discuss where the class is headed instructionally and to answer questions

you might have about the group and the curriculum. As always, if you desire an

individual conference with your child’s teacher, please discuss it with her/him and

inform Ms. Dina so that a date and time can be arranged for the meeting.


All the group conferences will be held from 8:30-9:30 a.m. on the date

assigned to your child’s class.

Please put the following dates on your calendar:

Tues., Jan. 21—Gold & Silver Rooms

Wed., Jan. 22—White Room

Thurs., Jan. 23—Green Room

Fri., Jan. 24—Red Room

Mon., Jan. 27—Yellow Room

Tues., Jan. 28—Purple Room

Wed., Jan. 29—Pink Room

Thurs., Jan. 30—Blue Room

Fri., Jan. 31—Orange Room


Winter Weather

With the downright frigid weather upon us, it is most likely that you will be sending your child to school wearing a coat, jacket, sweater, or hat on some days. Please help us keep track of your child’s belongings by labeling these items before they are brought to school. When any item is found anywhere throughout the building or playground, we can easily return the item to its rightful owner if we know who it belongs to. Every classroom keeps permanent marker pens handy. You can always borrow one for the labeling, in case you forget to do so at home.

Upcoming Holiday Closures

The holidays are just around the corner, so please take a look at the following Escuelita closures.

Escuelita will be closed from Dec. 24-Jan. 1, and will reopen on Jan 2.

Keep in mind that if you have older kids in AISD, they will be out of school until Jan 6th.


Graduation Procedures and Schedule

Hello, parents, graduation is upon us!

Attached are the graduation recital program and the procedures with additional information and details about how the recital is conducted.  The program indicates the order in which each class will perform, with the Orange Room always being the last class to perform.

Please be sure to look over the procedures as they include important information, including meal ticket, seating, DVD and photo sales, and much more.

Graduation ’13 Procedures

Escuelita Graduation Program 2013



August Newsletter

There is plenty of important info to read in this month’s newsletter, including tuition rate changes, info about classroom transitions, and more!

Escuelita August 2013 Newsletter