Halloween/Fall Carnival—Oct. 28th

Escuelita will host its annual Fall/Halloween carnival in our playground on Friday, Oct. 28th. Each
class will host a booth to run and at which the children will take turns playing “for prizes”. In order
for each booth to have attendants for the two-hour duration, we are requesting that parents volunteer
for short periods of 15, 20, or 30 minutes to work at the class’ booth. If you wish to volunteer, please
contact your class’ room parent about it. The carnival is free and open to all of Escuelita’s families
and their relatives and friends.

We also request your donations of healthy and safe treats to hand out as prizes to each child
for “playing” at the booths. Your donations can consist of items such as goldfish or pretzel baggies;
gummy treats; sheets of stickers; raisin boxes; party favors; fruit rolls, etc. Please refrain from donating
items that contain nuts of any kind due to the allergies of some of our students.

We highly encourage that your child dress in his/her Halloween costume during the carnival.
You can bring the costume in the morning and the teachers will help the children to get dressed after
nap-time. Parents are very welcome to wear their costume, too! With assistance from the teachers, the
children will also work in class on making and decorating her/his own bag or container in which to
store all the collected treats.

The children will attend the carnival during these time slots:
3:15-4:15 p.m.—Gold, Silver, Bronze, White, Green, Red, Turquoise, Yellow & Purple Rooms
4:15-5:15 p.m.—Pink, Orange, Blue, Copper, & Rainbow Rooms

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Parking for this event is very limited. When the parking slots at both
Escuelita buildings have been filled, you must park in the neighborhood streets. The owners of the
Pediatric Cardiology Clinic, at 1113 E. 32nd St., have graciously accepted for Escuelita parents to
park in their parking lot only for the duration of the Halloween carnival, from 3:00-5:30 p.m., on
October 28th. Please observe and respect all the parking requirements for the neighborhoods streets
and the clinic’s private parking lot.

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