Vision & Hearing Screenings for 3–5 Year Olds – Nov 9th

Vision & Hearing Screenings for 3–5 Year Olds
Wednesday, Nov. 9th

Texas state law requires vision and hearing screenings for: 4 yr. olds, and first time entrants into a Texas child care facility or school, and children in grades (K,1,3,5,7,9). The purpose of the screening services is to identify those children whose hearing, and/or vision abilities need to be further evaluated.

Preschool/school-age screening services are provided by the University of Texas Speech and Hearing Center’s Preschool Screening Team. While speech and language screenings are not required by the State, they are provided by the UT team at minimal cost. Parents are encouraged to take advantage of this service. If all three screenings are performed, testing will take approximately 20 to 25 minutes for each child. The UT Preschool Screening team is made up of graduate students pursuing either a doctorate in Audiology or a masters in Speech-Language Pathology under the supervision of a licensed, board certified speech-language pathologist.

UT’s Preschool Screening team will be at Escuelita on Wednesday, November 9th, starting at 8:30 a.m., to screen all those students who have been identified as needing the tests due to their age, and for whom the parents have signed the parental consent forms. If your child falls within that category of screening needs, in a few days you will receive an email with information about the testing that will be conducted at Escuelita on November 9th. If you wish to have your child tested for a minimal fee of $20 for all three tests, you must sign and return the parental consent forms with payment made out to Escuelita del Alma by November 2nd. UT will not screen students without signed consent forms.

If you choose to have your child tested by your private physician, you must provide Escuelita with a copy of the vision and hearing test results (the speech test is optional) immediately after the exam, for we are required to report each child’s test results to the State Health Department.

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