Fundraiser for Ms. Iris

Escuelita family,

Our beloved Ms. Iris, who cares for the babies at Escuelita as if they were her own, had to have emergency surgery recently. Her recovery entails missing 6-8 weeks of work.

Between her insurance deductible ($2,000) and lost wages, this interruption in employment will be a hardship for her and her family. In response to many families’ desire to help alleviate this financial burden, we have set up this Go Fund Me account in her name. As always, participation is completely voluntary, but any level of help is likely appreciated more than we know.

Any money raised in excess of Ms. Iris’s expenses will go into an account to help with future teacher emergencies/unforeseen expenses. A long-term plan for these future needs is also in the works.

Thank you in advance for your generosity. Ms. Iris has already expressed immense gratitude.

– Friends of Ms. Iris
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