Changes in Attendance for 2017-2018 School Year?

The director had previously recommended that you begin to think of which, if any, changes you wish to make to your child’s attendance for the new school year that will begin on August 22nd.

Since we must give priority for desired slots to the students who are presently enrolled, it is now time to hear from you regarding the type of changes you wish for your child’s attendance. If your child attends on a part-time basis and you wish to add days or switch to full time for the new school year, it is especially important that you communicate with the director at by April 15th, indicating your desired changes.

Please understand that Escuelita runs its program with very full classes due to its extremely long wait list. We cannot afford to leave any slots unfilled. The class lists for the new school year will be completed by the first week of May. If the director does not hear from you by April 15th, she is going to assume that you plan on keeping the same type of attendance that you presently have. The leftover slots will be immediately assigned to students new to Escuelita. We will be unable to accommodate more days or changes for your child once the leftover slots are filled.

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Jessica Crowley

Parent to Shae and Iyla

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