Changes in August calendar

Please make immediate note of the changes in our school calendar for August. We set our graduation recital date and start of the new school year based on the calendar that Austin ISD announces for every new school year. The start date had already been selected and announced. At the last minute, the board of trustees rejected the approved calendar and changed it back to a start date of August 21st. This change forces Escuelita to adjust its previously announced calendar.

This is what the month of August will look like now. It is our hope that this change will not affect travel plans you might have already made for your family.

Friday, August 11–Escuelita’s Graduation Recital (all our students perform on stage)

Monday, August 14–Escuelita closed for classroom preparations for new classes

Tuesday, August 15–Escuelita’s 1st day of new school year (students transition to new classrooms)

Monday, August 21–AISD’s first day of school

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