Annual Re-­‐Enrollment Fees

The time has come for re-enrollment of your child for another school year. Escuelita charges an annual re‐enrollment supplies fee of $25. Please pay the $25 per child by August 1st. The fee can be added to your monthly tuition payment, or paid separately. We also accept credit card payments but be aware that an additional processing fee of 1.5% will be charged when paying with a credit or debit card. If you decide to include the $25 re-enrollment fee in your monthly tuition, please note it on the memo line so that we can know how to breakdown your payment on your tuition statement. The annual re‐enrollment is also the perfect time to revise your child’s registration form. Please take some time over the next several weeks to stop by the office and look over your child’s registration form. If you have had any changes in your home address, personal and work phone numbers, emergency contacts or persons authorized to do pick‐ups, please redo the enrollment form. It is important that we always have current contact information on file.

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