Notes About Our Parking Lots

Now that the garbage and recycling containers have been relocated, we intend to use that space as an extra parking space. Backing out of that slot during high traffic might be difficult, but if you are brave enough to tackle that, you are welcome to park there when it is available. So that we can gain one more parking space during high traffic time, continue to park immediately in front of the white school bus, and adjacent to the vehicle that is in the handicapped accessible space. Neither the school bus or Ms. Dina’s vehicle need to leave in the late afternoon, so feel free to block those two vehicles, when necessary, so long as you are clearly not blocking whoever will need to park next to the bus or the outgoing traffic. Please remember to not enter our main building parking lot directly from the access road. It is a one-way parking lot and you must enter only from 32nd St. The exit is one-way onto the access road. Bear in mind that the parking lot for the Infant Care Building at 3205 N. IH35 is also a one-way parking lot. You must enter directly off the access road and through the wide entrance that is immediately north of the black iron fencing. The exit is one-way between our building and the apartment complex.

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