February/March Newsletter

Presidents’ Day

Many of you have called with inquiries as to whether Escuelita will be closed on February 19, Presidents’ Day. We will be open on Presidents’ Day.

This is the list of the upcoming 2018 Escuelita school closures:
• March 30 (Fri.), Good Friday—Teacher In-Service Day
• May 28 (Mon.)—Memorial Day
• July 4 (Wed.)—Independence Day
• August 13 or August 20 (Mon.)—Teacher Workday (date is pending AISD’s adoption of 2018-19 school calendar)
• September 3 (Mon.)—Labor Day
• November 22 & 23 (Thurs. & Fri.)—Thanksgiving
• December 24 through Jan. 1—Winter Break

Reminder of Tuition Increase
As was previously announced months earlier, Escuelita’s tuition increased by $50 per month for all ages effective Feb. 1st, including for part-time attendance. If you have not done so yet, please remember to adjust February’s tuition to include the additional $50.

Las Aventuras de Enoughie
Please allow me to tell you about “Las Aventuras de Enoughie”. It is a bilingual puppet play that is based on the character, Enoughie, from the Kindness Campaign and was written and is directed by Caroline Reck, mother of Clementine Hopkins (Purple Room). It is being presented at the Mexican American Cultural Center, in collaboration with Teatro Vivo and the Zachary Scott Theatre, among others. Teatro Vivo was founded and directed by Rupert Reyes and Joanne Carreon-Reyes, Aya Kelly-Reyes’ (Copper Rm.) and Max Kelly-Reyes’ (Turquoise Rm.) grandparents.

Weekend performances of the play will run through February 25th at the MACC. Due to limited slots for student groups, Escuelita will only be able to transport the two oldest classes, the Copper and Blue Room students. Please show your support for some of Escuelita’s talented extended family and pass the word around amongst your acquaintances regarding this children’s play.

Parking Lot
We ask that you use care when pulling in and out of our parking lot spaces. A couple of parents have related having had close calls with cars pulling into or out of an adjacent parking spot while the parked vehicle still had the door wide open because a child was still being buckled in. Oftentimes, a second child has been standing and waiting right by the door while the parent is buckling in the other child. We have had close calls.

We ask that when pulling in our out, you wait and ensure that all the children have been loaded into the adjacent parked vehicle and that the opened doors have been closed so that you can safely pull in or out of a parking space.

We are aware that our parking lots are extremely lacking and insufficient given the amount of traffic we generate. This makes it very difficult for you, our customers, to access our buildings efficiently and quickly. Every day we strive to improve on things.

What is most obvious is the slow speed that you use when pulling into the parking lots to avoid injuring a child who might have accidentally and suddenly taken off running across the parking lot. We thank you for that.

Entrance Doors and Their Locking Mechanisms

Our two main entrance doors have been problematic lately.

The southwest entrance wooden door by the Pink Room in the main building is now slightly warped. When closed, the warp prevents the door from unlocking because the magnets do not make contact. The same building’s main office door is not closing completely because the self-closure mechanism is scraping the frame of the doorway. That also prevents the magnetic lock from engaging.

The main reason why both doors have warped is because they are opened and closed daily beyond their lightweight build. We will need to replace them with extra heavy duty metal doors and frames. We have already started the order for the door replacements but it may take up to a couple of weeks before the parts are in.

We ask for your patience while the doors are replaced. In the meantime, please make sure that the doors are completely shut by pushing or pulling on them until you hear the click in the lock every time you enter or exit the building. We want those doors to be locked from the outside so that unwanted visitors can be kept out of our building. When arriving at the back entrance, please ring the gray door buzzer so the camera in the main office can come on and we can see who is at the back door, but then knock on the door of the Pink Room or the windows of the Blue Room, so that the teachers can unlock the door for you.

Easter Egg Hunts
Every year, Escuelita hosts an Easter egg hunt in our own playground. The infants and toddlers go out to “hunt” for eggs at 3:15 and the pre-school and school-age students go out at 4:15. Both groups are outside for one hour.

This year, our Easter egg hunt will take place on Thursday, March 29th. Please put that date on your calendar. We will give you more details as the date approaches.

Teachers’ Birthdays
Feb. 14—Ms. Gracie, Purple Rm.
Feb. 15—Ms. Silvia B., Purple Rm.
Feb. 20—Ms. Silvia V., Orange Rm.
Feb. 22—Ms. Flor, Cook
Mar. 2—Ms. Iris, Silver Rm.
Mar. 7—Ms. Anely, White Rm.
Mar. 19—Ms. Selma, Turquoise Rm.
Apr. 19—Ms. Maribel, Silver Rm.
Apr. 20—Ms. Sherlinee, Blue Rm.

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Parent to Shae and Iyla

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