March/April Newsletter

Spring/Easter Egg Hunts
Escuelita will host its annual Easter egg hunts in our playground for all the children on Thursday, March 29th. The children will be divided into three groups and will partake in the egg hunt along with other classes. The infants and toddlers will hunt first. When those groups return to their classrooms, the pre-school and school-age students will come out to the playground for their turn to look for eggs. Parents are invited to attend, if desired.

Due to the high number of children who will be out in the playground with each group, we request that as each group’s time runs out, all the students return to their classrooms. This will alleviate the overcrowding outside. As follows is the schedule for the egg hunts:

3:20-4:00 p.m.—Gold, Silver, Bronze, White, Green, Red, Turquoise & Yellow Rooms
4:10-4:50 p.m.—Purple, Pink, Orange, Blue & Copper Rooms
5:00-5:30 p.m.—Rainbow I & Rainbow II Rooms

We are gladly accepting donations of plastic eggs, plastic grass for the baskets, & egg fillers such as stickers, goldfish, pretzels, fruit gummies, etc. Please refrain from donating candy or sweets, and remember that we cannot accept anything that contains nuts of any kind for we have students who are allergic.

Escuelita Closed for Classes on March 30th for Teacher In-Service Day
As is done yearly, Escuelita will be closed for classes for a teacher in- service day on Friday, March 30th. The teachers will be in the building in training sessions and the school will be closed to students on that day. Please ensure to make other childcare arrangements for your child(ren) for Fri, March 30th.

Teacher In-Service Day on March 30th
The primary topic that all the Escuelita staff will be trained in, on March 30th, is on prevention and preparation for the possibility of an active shooter incident. It is unfortunate that we even need to consider this topic as a training, but it is an absolute necessity for us.

All of our staff will be trained in the Avoid, Deny, Defend Model that the Austin Police Department is putting in place throughout our city. Like in the trainings we have obtained on how to proceed during a Severe Weather situation, every teacher will be trained on how to proceed to keep themselves and their students safe, regardless of where in the buildings they are, should they ever find themselves in an active shooter situation. Escuelita is also working with APD staff to obtain recommendations for additional ways to make our buildings safer and more secure.

For now, we are working on replacing the two entrance doors at the main building with half glass alternatives. We ask for your assistance to always ensure that the doors have fully locked behind you every time you enter or exit the building.

It is imperative that you not use the gate that faces 32nd street, by the Copper Room and the playground area, as a daily or occasional exit. That exit is to be used only in case of an emergency evacuation. That gate does not have electronic surveillance, and we cannot risk for anyone to let themselves into the main facility unauthorized and unobserved simply because that door stayed unlocked inadvertently.

The doors at the Infant Building are always kept locked. Only the teachers can open the classroom door from the inside. Every time that you exit through one of those doors, we ask that you please turn the locking button on the doorknob so that the door remains locked as soon as you exit. When exiting from the Rainbow II Room upstairs through the enclosed stairwell, also please ensure that the exterior door fully locks shut behind you.

Extra Precautions During Bomb Scare
Please rest assured that, like everyone else in Austin, Escuelita is taking extra precautions during these trying times of a serial bomber in our city. We inspect the buildings’ grounds every morning before opening and are vigilant of anything that is on our property. The only packages we receive are for orders of teaching supplies that we place. Every now and then, some of you have goodies, like cookies, delivered to a class or a teacher. To further protect your children, please always alert us beforehand, with a phone call or an email notice, of any package or box that you might be sending us.

Need to Make Changes to Your Attendance for New School Year?
If you need to make changes to your child(ren)’s attendance for the new school year that will start on August 14th, you must communicate with Ms. Dina, the director, via email as soon as possible. She is starting work on the groupings and class assignments for the new school year. She will prioritize the students who are presently enrolled but she must hear from you regarding your needs as soon as possible.

Send your request for changes via email to by April 15th. She will be unable to honor your requests after that date since she must fill any vacancies with new students as soon as possible.

Teachers’ Birthdays
Apr. 4—Ms. Alicia, Substitute Teacher
Apr. 19—Ms. Maribel, Silver Rm.
Apr. 20—Ms. Sherlinee, Blue Rm.
June 10—Ms. Valeria, Silver Rm
June 24—Mr. Jaime, Rainbow I & II Rms.
June 30—Ms. Lucina, Gold Rm.

2018 Graduation Recital
Please mark your calendar with these very important dates:
Friday, August 10th—Graduation Recital (all enrolled students perform on our stage)
Monday, August 13th—Closed for Classes/Teacher Workday to prepare classrooms for new school year
Tuesday, August 14th—Escuelita’s New School Year starts (all children transition into new classrooms)
Monday, August 20th—Austin Ind. School District first day of classes

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