July–August Newsletter

2018 Graduation Recital—Friday, August 10th
Preparations are underway for our annual graduation recital. This is a very fun event that Escuelita holds on the stage of the main building playground. We select a theme and each class, including the infants, dance to a short theme-related song on the stage. The directors and teachers make theme related costumes for every child. The children who will graduate from Escuelita in August, to attend Pre-Kinder or Kindergarten elsewhere, will also walk across the stage in cap and gown to receive their graduation diplomas.

This year’s graduation recital will occur on Friday, August 10th, starting promptly at 4:00 p.m. A light meal will be served to all the attendees and the dancers during the recital. The tickets will cost $8 for adults and children older than 12 years. The enrolled students are free. Approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the recital, you will receive a memorandum detailing the recital procedures.

If you already know that your child will not be in attendance for the graduation recital, please notify the office or teachers immediately since the lack of attendance will impact choreographies and costumes needed.

Mark your calendars for August 10th!

Escuelita Closed on Monday, August 13th
We will be closed for classes on Monday, August 14th, for a teacher workday so that the we can prepare the classrooms for the students who will transition into new rooms. Please ensure that you have made other childcare arrangements since we will be closed.

New School Year Class Assignments
The director is finalizing the classroom assignments for the new school year. Almost all classes will transition into new classrooms, with new teachers, as an entire group. In a few instances, the classes will be regrouped into two separate classrooms to maximize the available spaces. The dates of birth of the children are very much taken into consideration as the groupings are being formed.

Ms. Dina had previously requested that you notify her, in writing, by the end of April, of your request for changes in the type of attendance that you wish for the new school year (switching from part-time to full time, or vice versa, or adding days). Your attendance requests have been taken into consideration as she configured the new classes. She is also meeting with each staff person so that the best assignment and work schedule can be agreed on with each employee. Please understand that since we have such a high enrollment and every slot is filled when the school year starts, we are unable to grant special placements for our students.

In a couple of weeks, the class lists will be posted throughout the buildings and you will receive an email with the information that pertains to your children assignments. Once the class assignments are posted, you can begin to introduce your child to the new teachers.

Gardening With Our Students
Earlier this Spring, we were finally able to get going on the vegetable gardens with the children! It was a project that was incubating for a very long time.

The main reasons for the gardening is so that the children can understand where some of the food they consume comes from and so that they can relate better to vegetables. We are aware that since the garden beds are very small, the number of vegetables that they will be able to grow is going to be minimal, but even a small number of produce gives them a better understanding about their food.

The children in the Orange, Blue, Copper and Rainbow Rooms are growing vegetables in the beds immediately outside of the Copper Room, enclosed with chain link fencing. You are welcome to visit the gardens but, for safety reasons, children are allowed in that area only with adult supervision. We have chosen to only grow herbs with the children younger than three years in the garden boxes that are placed throughout the playground area. Since the younger children are still in a stage where oftentimes they place things in their mouth, we will not be so concerned if they choose to “pick” some of the herbs and sample by eating them. The children, with their teachers’ assistance, are responsible for watering the plants with buckets and cans.

The enthusiasm at seeing their vegetables and herbs grow is incredible. We are very pleased with their gardening and are very excited at expanding in the Fall.

Teachers’ Birthdays
July 14—Ms. Magdalena, Yellow Rm.
July 26—Ms. Perla, Rainbow Rms.
July 31—Ms. Rosa, Asst. Dir.
Aug. 9—Ms. Virma, Substitue Tchr.
Aug. 9—Ms. Cecilia, Pink Rm.
Aug. 16—Ms. Veronica, Turquoise Rm.
Aug. 26—Ms. Sinai, Substitue Tchr.

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