August-September Newsletter

Teachers’ Birthdays
July 26—Ms. Perla, Rainbow Rms.
July 31—Ms. Rosa, Asst. Dir.
Aug. 7—Ms. Cecilia, Pink Rm.
Aug. 9—Ms. Virma, Substitue Tchr.
Aug. 16—Ms. Veronica, Turquoise Rm.
Aug. 26—Ms. Sinai, Substitue Tchr.
Sept. 2—Ms. Erika, White Rm.
Sept 15—Ms. Blanca, Blue Rm.
Sept. 18—Ms. Alma O, Housekeeping
Sept. 23—Ms. Vanesa, Substitute Tchr.
Sept. 28—Ms. Ana María, Copper Rm.

Parking Lot Problems
Escuelita del Alma has gotten special parking privileges for its customers at the Pediatric Cardiology clinic that is located at 1110 E. 32nd St. The parking agreement is permissible only from Monday through Friday, during our peak rush hours of 4:45 to 6:00 p.m., once the clinic’s parking lot has cleared out from their last customers. The lease is effective immediately so you may begin parking in that lot whenever you arrive for pick-up at the end of the day and find that our parking lots are full.

Please be aware that the lease does not include parking during the day, before 4:45 p.m. or in the evening, past 6:00 p.m. It is not open for parking to Escuelita customers on Saturdays or Sundays, either. Please do not leave valuables or unlocked vehicles in any of these parking lots, for the management of the Pediatric Cardiology will not be held responsible for any incident that might occur while you are parked on their lot.

New School Year Class Lists
The class lists for the new school year that will start on August 14th are ready. The lists have been printed and will be posted in the office hall and on the doors leading to the playground area. The classroom room parent will also receive the lists to forward to the parents of each class, so please be on the lookout for an email from the room parent of your child(ren)’s class. As was previously explained, all efforts were made to transition whole class groups from one classroom to the other. In some cases, it was necessary to divide a class into two groups, based on the children’s birthdates.

You are welcome to briefly visit your child(ren)’s new teachers between now and August 10th, the last day when our students will be with their present teachers and in their present classrooms., so that your child can begin to get acquainted with her or him. During the next three weeks, each class will spend short amounts of time in the mornings and afternoons visiting with their present teachers in the new classrooms.

Once the students have started in their new classrooms, the teachers usually spend the first week or two of classes orienting the students to the new room and the classroom routine. In efforts to make the transition easier for our youngest students, who are usually the ones who most feel the change in caregivers, we assign extra teachers to their classrooms. An extra teacher who can help to hold and comfort a child who might be in distress is always helpful.

We ask for your patience with your child, should she or he happen to react strongly to the change in teachers and classrooms, as compared to other classmates. It is typical for young children to take from one to two weeks to bond with their new caregivers.

Graduation Recital—Friday, August 10th
Preparations are underway for our annual graduation recital. This is a very fun event that Escuelita holds on the stage of the main building playground. The theme for the 2018 recital will be “Transportación: We Are Going Places…by Land, Air or Sea”. We have selected songs that relate to the theme of transportation and each class, including the infants, will dance to a short theme‐related song on the stage. The directors are making theme related costumes for every child. The children who will graduate from Escuelita in August, to attend Pre‐Kinder or Kindergarten elsewhere, will also walk across the stage in cap and gown to receive their graduation diplomas.

Escuelita del Alma provides most of the costumes for each student and we modify and re‐work our costume inventory every year to fit each year’s theme. We may seek volunteers to assist with minor tasks like ironing of costumes, gluing props or making head pieces. If you are interested in helping, please notify the office personnel so that we can get some items together for you to take home. If volunteering, please be aware that we will need the costume items back by Friday, Aug. 3rd.

Escuelita Closed on Monday, August 13th
We will be closed for classes on Monday, August 13th, for a teacher workday, so that the we can prepare the classrooms for the students who will transition into new rooms. Please ensure that you have made other childcare arrangements since we will be closed.

No Tuition Increases for the New School Year
Escuelita will make no changes to the tuition rates for the new school year. Unless you requested changes to your child’s attendance for the new school year, your tuition will remain the same through the 2018‐2019 school year. For reference, the present and, therefore, the new school year rates are posted by the tuition box in both the main building and the infant building.

Notification of School Absences
Please inform the office personnel and/or the classroom teachers if your child will be absent from school for several days or for an extended period. Your notification will help us to understand that the extended absence is for personal reasons and not due to an illness. It is also of utmost importance that you notify us if your child will not be in attendance on the day of the graduation recital so that we will not worry about a costume for him or her.

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