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March/April Newsletter

Spring/Easter Egg Hunts—Thursday, April 18th Escuelita will host its annual Easter egg hunts in our playground for all the children on Thursday, April 18th.  The children will be divided into…

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Tuition Rates

Please be notified that Escuelita will have no tuition rate increases for the new school year that will begin on August 22nd. A copy of the current tuition rates is…

Changes in Attendance for 2017-2018 School Year?

The director had previously recommended that you begin to think of which, if any, changes you wish to make to your child’s attendance for the new school year that will…

Important Dates

Important Dates: April 14-Closed for Teacher In-Service Day May 29-Closed for Memorial Day July 4-Closed for Independence Day Aug. 18-Graduation Recital Aug. 21-Closed for Classroom Readiness for New School Year…

Changes in August calendar

Please make immediate note of the changes in our school calendar for August. We set our graduation recital date and start of the new school year based on the calendar…

Annual Re-­‐Enrollment Fees

The time has come for re-enrollment of your child for another school year. Escuelita charges an annual re‐enrollment supplies fee of $25. Please pay the $25 per child by August…