!Bienvenidos a Escuelita del Alma!

!Bienvenidos a Escuelita del Alma! This “Little School of the Soul” was originally founded by Dina Flores in 2000 to provide childcare for employees of Las Manitas, the legendary Congress Avenue cafe. Its families include a diverse and eclectic range of ethnic, socioeconomic, and educational backgrounds.  

The students, who range in age from infants to school age (after-school care and summer camp), are immersed in the Spanish language throughout the day. In this environment, when a child participates in an activity they learn the educational concept and the language at the same time.


Spanish Immersion

Research shows that children are most receptive to learning language when they are young—ideally before age 10. Learning a second language improves communication skills in the primary language, and performance in all academic subjects as well as standardized testing. 



Our daycare, after-care, and summer camp programs promote language development and social and emotional learning. We offer full time and part time care for preschool students that include organic and nutritious lunches and snacks that are prepared onsite. 


Along with competitive tuition rates, we offer a flexible schedule for both full and part-time students. We have 2-day, 3-day, 4-day and 5-day programs from 7:00 am – 5:45 pm, Mon-Fri. The day is balanced between active group activities, quiet/nap time, singing and dancing traditional Latin American songs, and learning basic kindergarten readiness skills. 

Escuelita Virtual Tour

Due to our long waiting list, we only offer tours for families once your name has come up on the list and a space has been officially offered. If you would like to see more of our campus before you are able to come for an in-person tour, you are welcome to view our virtual tour that was filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Interested in learning more about our school?
Check out our programs page to learn more about our programs and cirricullum.  

Health and Safety FAQs

The health and safety of our students, staff, and families is of utmost importance. Below are the safety measures we are following in order to protect our students, staff, families, and community during the Covid pandemic. We follow the CDC recommendations when it comes to students or staff members showing symptoms and/or testing positive for Covid-19. We ask that those experiencing symptoms remain at home after the onset of symptoms and until they receive the result of their Covid-19 test. If positive, unvaccinated students may return to school 10 days, and vaccinated students and staff may return to school 5 days after the onset of symptoms.

Staff may optionally wear a mask covering their mouth and nose. 

Students may optionally wear a mask covering their mouth and nose. 

Parents may optionally wear a mask covering their mouth and nose when dropping off and picking up children. 

Enhanced disinfecting of every surface beyond the typical cleaning routines.  

Disinfecting and handwashing teachers’ and students’ hands upon arrival and before departure.


What Our Families are Saying

“I love it when my son and daughter bring home beautiful art projects that are connected to learning the Spanish language.”
-Tom Hudson, parent of 2 students

“Learning a second language is a valuable life skill every little Texan needs. As a parent, I feel confident in my child’s future, and I know their teachers are some of the best in all of Austin.”
-Cory Ryan, parent of 2 students

“My husband and I wanted to expose our children to Spanish as we cannot offer them bilingual language at home. All three of our children have been enrolled in Esculita starting as early as 10 weeks old up until our oldest Pre-K graduation. We couldn’t be happier with the school, the amazing teachers and staff, and the culture that Miss Dina has created. Our favorite part is the wonderful, caring, and involved families that come here as well.  If your in need of a nurturing, educational, and wonderful place to expose your children to Spanish this is the most amazing place in Austin!”
—Sarah Lutes, Parent of 3 students
“I love the sense of community at Escuelita del Alma. We all spend time with other families and really enjoy the friendships we have made over the years. It’s not only a valuable experience for the children but also a supportive community for the parents!”
–Meredith Esdorn
“Introducing our infant daughter to Escuelita five years after our older son graduated, we were struck by how many of the same teachers still worked there! Having the same staff care for our children, nearly a decade apart, makes Escuelita feel like an extension of our family.  We love watching our little girls speak to each other in Spanish at home, and their pride in teaching the rest of the family new words!  Under the gentle and thoughtful guidance of the Escuelita community, my children have become better amigos, students, and neighbors, and I have become a better parent.  When our picky eaters refuse dinner, we take solace in knowing they’re eating like kings at Escuelita!  Once you see a line of Escuelita students walking out to the playground “manos atras”, you’ll never send your children anywhere else!  
—Rachel Carnahan-Metzger, parent of 2 students and 1 alumni 
“The loving environment and low staff turnover is the reason why we felt so comfortable going back to work. Our children have significantly advanced in their social, linguistic and emotional skills since starting at this precious school.”

—Neda Miraki, Parent of 2 students

“Escuelita was the third daycare our oldest child attended before his second birthday, and now we can’t imagine entrusting our (now three) kids to anyone else. When we thought about moving to another area of Austin, we couldn’t do it because we knew that no other daycare center could do what Escuelita does best- provide high quality Spanish immersion, serve delicious food, and love and care for our children like they are family.”
“Our children attended Escuelia from the time they were infants to after care when they went into public school. It has become a second home in large part due to the consistent cariño/care and affection of Escuelita’s teachers and staff. The Spanish immersion and school’s culture so beautifully support our children in maintaining a connection to their Latino heritage, which has meant the world to us.”
—Brenda Sendejo, parent of 2 students