Programs & Curriculums

Our daycare, after-care and summer camp programs promote language development, kindergarten readiness, and social and emotional learning.

Drop-off & Pick-up Procedures

  • Call the office, at 512-474-4702, 10-15 minutes before your arrival to drop-off and pick-up, to ensure that a staff member is at the door to meet you. We wish for your child to have time to wash hands immediately before walking out of the classroom, and before being brought to the main office area or the building exterior (infant building) to meet you outside the door.
  • When dropping-off, unload your child from your car and bring him/her close to the receiving area for a temperature check. With your thermometer from home, take your child’s temperature and show the reading to the staff person.
  • Sign your child in and out on the class sign-in sheet provided by the staff person.
  • Remember to leave your child’s milk, formula, diapers, wipes, & sleeping linens with the staff person who receives your child.
  • Remember to wear your face covering when approaching our building to do drop-off and pick-up.
  • Please read through our health and safety standards at the bottom of the homepage and email us with any additional questions or concerns that are not addressed here. 

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Salón Dorado /
Gold Room

  • Age Range: Infants younger than 12 months
  • Lead Teachers: Lucina Zuluaga & Idaliana Guerra

Salón Plateado /
Silver Room

  • Age Range: 12–18 months
  • Lead Teacher:  Cecilia Loyola-Hernández
  • Assistant Teacher:  Maribel Soto & Marlenis Beltran

Salón Bronce /
Bronze Room

  • Age Range: 12–18 months
  • Lead Teacher:  Daiyet Fando
  • Assistant Teacher:  Tonita Guzman

Salón Blanco /
White Room

  • Age Range: 1.5–2 years
  • Lead Teacher:  Evelyn Martinez
  • Assistant Teacher:  Rachel Suarez

Salón Verde / 
Green Room

  • Age Range: 18 months–2.5 years
  • Lead Teacher: Danielly Tornes
  • Assistant Teacher:  Eisdalvis Solano

Salón Rojo /
Red Room

  • Age Range: 2.5–3 years
  • Lead Teacher:  Izmirzi Medina
  • Assistant Teacher:  Mayelin Sosa

Salón Amarillo /
Yellow Room

  • Age Range: 2.5–3.5 years
  • Lead Teacher:  María Coto
  • Assistant Teacher: Roxana Jerez

Salón Morado /
Purple Room

  • Age Range: 3–3.5 years
  • Lead Teacher:  Rosie Gonzales
  • Assistant Teacher:  Laritza Batista

Salón Turquesa /
Turquoise Room

  • Age Range: 3–4 years
  • Lead Teacher:  Yolanda Tovar
  • Assistant Teacher:  Mildred Soto

Salón Rosa / 
Pink Room

  • Age Range: 3.5–4.5 years
  • Lead Teacher:  Delvis Morales
  • Assistant Teacher: Rosali Avila

Salón Anaranjado /
Orange Room

  • Age Range: 4.5–5 years
  • Lead Teacher:  Biridiana Calzada
  • Assistant Teacher:  Yoania Alonzo 

Salón Azul /
Blue Room

  • Age Range: 4.5–5.5 years
  • Lead Teacher:  Lidice Garcia
  • Assistant Teacher: Gloria Bandin

Salón Cobre /
Copper Room

  • Age Range: 4.5–5.5 years
  • Lead Teacher:  Alejandra Carrasco

Salón Arco Iris 1 /
Rainbow Room


  • Age Range: Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten & 1st Grade
  • Lead Teacher: Virma Garcia

Salón Arco Iris 2 /
Rainbow Room


  • Age Range: Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten & 1st Grade
  • Lead Teacher: Silvia Valdes